Welcome to my blog

I am a young and vibrant writer who recently started blogging. I am passionate about my art and I simply write my experiences and thoughts on life as I go through it.

Every new step in my life has required a new me. I am steadily evolving, trying to get to know me, to love me in all ways. This blog makes it possible for you to embark on my life journey with me.

I love to travel (traveller by heart) and I love giving my insight on places that I have visited especially those that I love. I am not an advertising blogger so I just write my honest truth to help others planning to travel to that destination

I am also a singer and songwriter. Soon adding a podcast page to my blog so everyone gets a sprinkle of the magic I am trying to pour into the world.

I like to think of myself as an environmentalist and a strongly opinionated empathizer. I would want/love to believe it is my most outstanding quality

I have so much love and care to give, I can’t help myself. Somewhere in my heart, I would love to change the world. Or at least make an impact. Leave a mark that reverts this newly found idea of selfishness and narcissism being the new humanity. I refuse to live in a generation that is blindly killing itself

If I can spread enough love to change the hearts of even a 100 people, showing them that tenderness, kindness and care are what humanity really is, I will forever be grateful to the universe for the opportunity


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