The move

So i haven’t travelled internationally for a while now. Last time was march of 2018 and not to toot my own horn but i am a master planner of trips.

However, for this particular trip, maybe because i was a little rusty, i was having alot of stressful moments.

As i write, its 4:37am and i was waiting for that sweet price drop moment so i could snatch up a ticket i wanted instead of the one i got a few days earlier that was more of a panic purchase. I should mention this is literally 19hrs away from my flight. Everybody knows thatd gamble period in flight purchasr. You just don’t do it. But i had no choice because i for a second thought i wasnt going to go on this trip but here we are.

i just purchased my fourth ticket and the backstory is quite funny but it was soo stressful at the time. Glad we can laugh back.

The trip was postponed due to some application processes that took too long and everything was finally approved only this week. Now trying to get a ticket was tricky because i had to be there before next Monday and it was Wednesday. Ticket prices were high, i wasn’t in the mood no more to travel but it had to happen. So i tried to outsmart the air ticket system buying individual tickets i didn’t want but saving my coin. Little did i know i was gonna end up spending wayyy more than i would have spent on a return ticket eventually.

So I’m there wallowing in my disinterest to travel but pleased i saved and i can make it before my Monday deadline, being who i am i decide to quadruple check my info.

Now i had checked several times but i do not know how i missed this. I booked the wrong ticket. I’m returning February 24th but booked march 24th. MATCH!!?

I almost died. So i cancelled the booking because changing would cost an extra limb and so i got a cancellation deduction.

Went on to buy the right ticket which cost me wayyyy more. This had me a little depressed because this was a trip i really mentally scratched off as not happening and suddenly i had to gather myself for it then all these unnecessary little mistakes ( which is highly unlike me ). And worse, i would be travelling alone to a place I’d have to be alone in for a while. I wanted to be alone in the comfort of my bed. It was all just overwhelming. So i slept and forgot about it.

Now fast forward to just yesterday when i was looking at my itinerary and just feeling sad because it wasn’t the ticket i actually wanted to buy. It was making a stop in doha. A 24hr stop and i was truly looking forward to that. But this one was going through Dubai and it just wasn’t were my heart was.

So i kept checking tickets over and over till i noticed a pattern of the price fluctuation. I got so good i had so many affordable offers and almost got a ticket for just 4hours away yesterday but i knew it would be too much and too fast. So i said i will wait till the next window of opportunity.

And that was at 4am this morning. I stayed up allll night but it was so worth it! I was able to cancel my other ticket and book the one i wanted. And i just feel so amazing.

I am soooo ready for this trip now. Its funny how something so little can make such a difference.

And so it begins

Flight in 16hours 😁 time for a quick nap 💤

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