Date Night (2)

I finally summed up the energy to get out of bed and into the shower for this date.

I have literally 30minutes to get ready and get to the location mall thats 17minutes away because i chose to meet up than get picked up.

I pick any outfit in reach, of course any outfit that i can easily pull off

I find this blue dress that never fails me and is not too official but also not too casual

i pair it up with some casual not so high boots to look a bit taller than i actually am.

I don’t have much time so i just put some eye shadow on a bare face with some lipstick on and out the door i go.

So I’m headed for this date and I’m thinking, ‘did i brush my teeth?’ I’m about 20mins late but atleast I’m on my way

I finally calm down n remember i did in-fact brush my teeth before the shower.

My feet are killing me and its barely been 20mins in them. I haven’t worn heels in over a year and i chose today to just toss a pair on?

I chose the wrong shoes for this occasion and i will pay in blisters.

So i arrive at the mall (its actually just a movie date) and i call him and he says he was accidentally taken to a wrong location by his uber. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Now originally, I would have been waiting for 45 mins had i arrived on time so I’m feeling a but furious by this update

But i brush it off. I haven’t been out in a while so i look around the mall

I go to this clothing store and i decide to try on some clothes that aren’t necessarily my taste. Just for fun

They turn out to compliment my body really well

I continue trying clothes on and listening to the music and finally, he calls saying he’s here.

Now to be honest, i was a bit nervous. I met this guy about 4 months ago at a party and never saw him after. We exchanged contacts and he’d been popping up every Now and then trying to get me to go out with him but i repeatedly gave excuses and turned him down. When we met, i was a little drunk so i could not recall what he looked like, or even what kind of person he was. It was all blank. But according to him, he spoke to me and my best friend for hours that night.

I finally spot him in the store and he’s this tall handsome guy with kind eyes and a smile of gold

Now I’m noticing his physical appearance but its no butterfly feeling. Its more “oh, ok.. he’d make a handsome friend” type of thing

And so we start talking and walking to the cinema and this guy really knows how to hold a conversation

I am mainly shocked because i thought this would be one of those awkward dates that are spent in silence hoping time is kind enough to pass by quicker than normal but we’re actually talking with ease and it feels like we’ve known each other for a while

I must say i am glad i actually said yes to his invitation. Regardless of what this turns out to be, i am just humbled because i was certain and almost a hundred percent sure this would be a horrible night but the universe proved me wrong yet again

It was refreshing to have company other than my own that i actually enjoyed.

And i am grateful πŸ˜Œβ˜€οΈ

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