Stay true

I hope this applies to when he/she becomes "whatever tries to hurt you" He should stand by his word, come between the two of you and create distance between you and him/her.

The move

So i haven't travelled internationally for a while now. Last time was march of 2018 and not to toot my own horn but i am a master planner of trips. However, for this particular trip, maybe because i was a little rusty, i was having alot of stressful moments. As i write, its 4:37am and... Continue Reading →

Kenya 🇰🇪

I will be solo travelling to Kenya for some medical electives very soon and usually when i travel i tend to put aside blogging which leads to just writing drafts and not publishing them. So would you like blog posts about experiences and adventures i encounter while I'm there? Possibly a blog series seeing as... Continue Reading →


Some people find themselves in their faith, I lost my old self in my old faith From as far as i can remember i have always been a devoted Christian. I was diligent and i always wanted more. I went through numerous bible classes and certificates just to understand the word of God better. This... Continue Reading →

Date Night (2)

I finally summed up the energy to get out of bed and into the shower for this date. I have literally 30minutes to get ready and get to the location mall thats 17minutes away because i chose to meet up than get picked up. I pick any outfit in reach, of course any outfit that... Continue Reading →

Date Night

I happen to have a date tonight and for the life of me, i just cant get myself in the right mindset for it. Ive been single for almost a year and its been almost 10 months since i went on an actual date and now i just feel so mentally drained processing having to... Continue Reading →

The Universe

If gravity was any strong, it would squeeze everything into a tiny ball Any less powerful and everything would all fly around in space The odds that gravity is precisely as powerful as it needs to be seems like no coincidence And that in itself is proof of a divine power regardless of what you... Continue Reading →


Definetly worth a second visit


If you are subscribed to my youtube channel you might have probably already seen the highlights of this trip. I decided to make a more detailed description of the trip.

We (my best friend and I) decided to travel to thailand for the chinese national holiday that lasts about a week. We had already pre booked everything before leaving(we did not use any travel agents, everything was self booked) and spent most of our time waiting to just travel.


We were planning to stay in thailand for a total of 5 days and we hoped to get everything we wanted to do done in that time.

First thing was finding tour guides because i wanted to see as many islands as possible in the time we’d be there and my travel buddy is more adventurer than sightseer. So we looked online for some tour companies (and believe me…

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What is life?

What is life? If not the unanswered questions If not the unfulfilled adventures If not the heartache filled endeavors What is life? If not the gentle kiss of a mother on a baby’s forehead The sound of rain The pain of laughter What is life? If not the broken nights and uncertain nights Nights when... Continue Reading →

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