Two Ways

So today, while feeling horrible and raided by body pains, i dragged myself to the hospital (Naturally i usually have someone to do this kind of thing with but over the past few months, i have been by myself in every sense).

So i get the check ups done in no time and i am told its just a minor lung infection. I am sent off with some antibiotics and a bed rest slip. I find my way back home and try to get some rest.

Before i do that, i decide to let my closest friend know how my morning’s been going and she offers her sympathy and mentions she will visit at about 3-4pm. So i go on and take a short nap and later wake up to a phone call. Its 4:40 and my friends not here. She tells me she decided to go to her boyfriends apartment (right across the road from my place). And I’m thinking oh she’s probably passing by to say hi or something and she’ll pop right over. And so i waited. And waited. And waited

Now at this point I’m feeling sad because I’ve been sick all day and my one friend who was literally right across the road couldn’t even come say hi

Its 8:38. She calls again and says she fell asleep and she needs to get a few things and then she will pop right over.

She does. Its 10:30 and she calls saying its too cold outside and she can’t make it out

Personally, i try to address this with as little emotions as possible and try not to take it personally but i was hurt by the way she handled the situation.

At the end of the day, its all about the principle of things

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