The Weekend

Why do we keep showing up at parties we don’t attend? If i could just rip out my heart and brain for a second and put them on the side While i sit back and breathe, letting air flow through my hollow spaces even just for a minute Just to put it all right back,... Continue Reading →

Two Ways

So today, while feeling horrible and raided by body pains, i dragged myself to the hospital (Naturally i usually have someone to do this kind of thing with but over the past few months, i have been by myself in every sense). So i get the check ups done in no time and i am... Continue Reading →

By My Onesie

It has recently come to my attention, to my realization, that what happiness is for me comes from a sense of accomplishment See, i just got out of a really long term relationship and immediately jumped into something i would call a minor rebound situation. I thought that would fill the void of the relationship,... Continue Reading →

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