The Ironies

Like what is it about you?? Honestly 🗣

I have erased and rewritten all our memories to be as simple and casual as i possibly can

I have gotten rid of trinkets and gifts that made me so fond of you. I have tried to get you out of my mind and out of my sight

So tell me, why?

Why does the thought of you ring through my mind like a gong?


And you know what’s confusing ..

I don’t miss the memories anymore. I don’t miss the past experiences or the gifts

I just miss the feeling

The way you made me feel

Cause till this day, even though you broke my heart, you still feel like home to me

And i just don’t know how I can continue to miss you so much and pretend like everything’s alright

Cause its not

I’m not

I just really miss you

And God knows I love you so much

And what’s worse is I have to live the rest of my life knowing that I met the love of my life, my soulmate and it all just got away

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