A loud siren in my head, so loud I couldn’t hear my thoughts anymore.

So i turn to my friend “Gina, i think I’m gone. Don’t let me do anything stupid”

She laughs and leaves me begging the siren in my head to go away

I sit and look around at all the objects that won’t stand still, like the table, the chair, the cups on the table ..

Why is everything so active?

I turn to him and ask ” can you salsa? ”

As he avoids to exceed his word count for the day, he stands and reaches out his hand

I take it

We dance in slow motion to the sound of fast beats and lyrics of a good time

I’m unable to balance and i sit down. And thus began the sequence of random snapshots

I say hi to a friend …

I give a speech …

I feel hands hold on to me as i walk

Hands wisk my hair from my face ever so gently

Was i dancing or falling?

A friend zone?

March 3rd, and he holds my face and …

There’s a noise. An alarm?

Its 10am

Feeling terrible

He says we had the best time and can’t keep himself from smiling. How do i tell him, I don’t remember anything that happened ?

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