True Love

And sometimes you just love someone, not because you feel it or its the right thing to do But because you choose to love them every single day over and over And that to me is true love


Well well well what do i have here? Another perfectly good relationship so casually sabotaged by me myself and I Bravo 👏🏽 How unoriginal At some point i need to step out of this horrible habit and get out of my own way Heres a question for today We all have this mental picture of... Continue Reading →

Don’t just be alive, Live

Don't float through life always being told what to do, where to go and how to feel Question everything and try understand it to your best knowledge That is how we learn to live Not merely survive

The Tide

The Tide comes and sweeps my sorrows away Only to unleash the grip of thoughts gone astray How do i escape my own mind? Do i pray? Who is listening? What, in me, do i need to find? Is someone coming to my rescue? Or, to a well thought out belief, have i become prey... Continue Reading →

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