Heres to the Ceremonies not so celebrated

Mrs T, an amazing woman with a heart of gold. Strong and passionate for everything her life had to offer.

A mother, sister, friend, aunt, devoted accountant and wife.

A baker at heart and the best cookies and cake I’ve ever had. She is Golden.

But all so often life pierces the best of our loved ones with pains so cruel, we could only wish we would help them with the burdens in their heart

When her husband asked for a divorce, we all couldn’t understand the reason for this but seeing as he was reluctant to finalize it, hope was not lost

2016, Mrs T lost her only son to a car accident. Vibrant and funny guy with a smile so bright it could brighten your day. I hung out with him a-lot when i was younger but those memories are blur and not in sequence.

Heres to Gilbert, Mrs T’s son. A ceremony to celebrate your life.

Her husband, shortly after, finalized the divorce and that was that

A year later, she heard he was getting married. This must have been a hard reality for her to accept. She isolated herself from family and friends only burying herself in her work.

Here’s to my aunt, Mrs. T, who was a remarkable woman and lost her life too young to a heart attack. You will forever be missed.

To all those going through tough times and refuse to speak out about it, to those who feel alone and don’t know how to reach out

This is your ceremony

Today I celebrate your life, you are loved and important


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