I know a place where the stars don’t usually show at night but if you look really hard, through all the foggy air you see a few.

But some people come out every night and lay under the night sky and gaze at those 5 stars in the sky.

I also know a place with incredibly beautiful and bright night skies with so many stars and yet nobody walks out at night to gaze upon them.

I know a with beautiful beaches and amazing sands filled with all kinds of shells, yet nobody sits and soaks in the sun with sand between their toes

I also know a place with a small lake, small rocks on the shore and a few trees but the sun still shines and there’s lots of people appreciating the view, taking pictures, laughing together and making memories

I’ve seen a lot of places that I’d say in literal terms “look like happiness” and those I would say otherwise but slowly I’m starting to realize happiness is more of an inside job. You could be laying up in a desert 🐫 and still feel bliss or do something most people don’t fully understand like write a book or go fishing and that is your bliss.

My point is there’s no use waiting for a tomorrow or a next time or a certain place or scenery. Get out of bed everyday ready to find your bliss not the magazine or tv version of bliss. Not the Instagram or twitter or any other platform version of bliss.

Find yours.

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