3 Days 3 Quotes: Day 3 – Hope

Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance,  and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame

-Roman 5:3

This isn’t necessarily a quote but its some of the words i love reading it every time i feel overwhelmed with life pressures and stresses.

What does the quote mean to me?

This verse, to me, is about how much life has a way of flipping at any minute and how its not wise to lose your mind every time things aren’t going your way.

It means, yeah alright, things are falling apart but i must find the most reasonable approach towards the circumstances rather than having a total breakdown. Learning the art of being able to keep your cool for as long as you ride the roller coaster of misfortune and being able to come out of it with a clear and unaltered spirit

Suffering produces endurance/perseverance


Because if you can at least start by first making a conscious choice to use this approach, the next time you meet another crisis it won’t be as difficult to keep your composure. You get better and better and believe me, thinking with a clearer head is rewarding and gets rid of wasting time in panic mode.

I strongly believe in being able to have a break down, its only natural and human to feel overwhelmed. But its not supposed to be more than a night because the next morning you have to start getting things done.

In God we find inner peace like no other

What did the quote give me?

It gave me strength. To handle my hardships with some sense of focus on the discomfort that needs to be rectified rather than on my emotions towards the situation. Once I realized that, i understood that everything is temporal and is happening around you not to you. Meaning it doesn’t have to be your constant state unless you let it.

And sometimes may get confused by this. Life hits you with many situations and circumstances, its ever changing. You can’t let everything burden you. You have to let things flow. Life doesn’t owe you stability or comfort. But that’s where character comes in, and character is built. Over time you learn to best handle the hurdles and swings life throws at you.

Perseverance/Endurance produces character

What did I learn from the quote?

I learnt to keep my composure when faced with difficulties,

•to use the difficulties to build my strength and the ability to not succumb to pressure and stress and

•to keep improving that skill over time and use it to build a solid character.

Ultimately, i learnt i had to do this to protect my mental health and inner peace.

•To strengthen my hope for brighter and better days. •To grow courage to change the things i can and accept the things i cannot change.

I understood the concept of life better and being more about your thoughts and state of mind attracting what you want in your life.

All these are the basis of mindfulness and inner peace.

Don’t forget to follow the other two quotes.

I would like to thank the very kind and humble cloud and sunshine for introducing me to and nominating for The Quote Challenge. It is really fun being a part of this challenge where we get to discover new bloggers.

Thank you for following my posts on this challenge and keep on reading.

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