3 Days 3 Quotes; Day 2 – Glass Houses

Glass Houses

People in Glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks


This is a quote that i first read in a series “Being Mary Jane” and it just instantaneously felt like something i needed in my life.

What does the quote mean to me?

This quote, to me, means alot really.

Firstly, its about criticizing others and their ways forgetting our own flaws. Over the years i have learnt alot about how easily critisizing and judging others can back fire horribly. If we really look into the things we detest and criticize in others, we will find its an insecurity within ourselves.

Funny story actually, i always asked cynical questions about other people in situations I didn’t fully understand and just like that, A couple years later i was experiencing the very same situations i questioned and couldn’t handle it any better. I soon realized that being in a situation and watching someone else go through it is entirely two different things. Its no use assuming you’d have a better response if you haven’t experienced something and actually proven yourself more equiped to handle the situation. I guarantee you life will test you for questioning another persons choices.

People in Glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks


Secondly, it makes me aware of the fact that so many of us like to point fingers and judge and criticize when more than often we ourselves are not perfect. We forget that we also have issues we have to fight within ourselves and choices that continue to haunt us. The glass is just a metaphor for how easily wounded we are and before we start throwing rocks around we should at least have a solid structure of self.

What did the quote give me?

It gave me a sense of understanding and a higher level of empathy for people and their situations. Everything looks straightforward and manageable from afar but being in the exact same situation wouldn’t be so easy or doable. Most people wouldn’t handle situations better than the people they constantly judge and criticize. This quote goes hand in hand with the quote that says “Don’t question my choices if you haven’t had the chance to walk a mile in my shoes”.

With similar meanings, they emphasize the importance of respecting other peoples choices and experiences. After all we ourselves are not immune to the attacks of bad choices.

What did I learn from the quote?

I learnt in so many ways that i should respect and avoid judging others for their choices, way of life or experiences. I also became conscious of the fact that in situations I don’t fully understand, instead of judge and assume reasons for their choices and actions, i should spend my energy on finding out how and why they handled the situation that way as to better equip myself for the experience should it ever cross my path.

People in Glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks


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