Urgghh Braces

Wearing braces has been such a horrible experience for me.

Last year i made a decision to get braces because of my overlapping front teeth. I had been insecure about my dentition for a long while and when i finally had the opportunity to correct it with my means i grabbed the opportunity. Sadly it didn’t turn out the way i had hoped. I have been wearing them for almost a year now and my teeth are straight now but so many other issues came with it

I feel like my face is slanting one side, my teeth aren’t properly shaped, they aren’t all the same shape or orderly enough and it just frustrates me. And every-time i try tell my dentist about the improvements i like, she just goes ahead and tells me she can’t do anything about it. Its the worst!

I feel like even though my dentition wasn’t perfect it made me so beautiful and so unique. Of course I didn’t like it but it gave my face this whole look that was specific to only myself.

And now, i dunno if I’m being delusional but my face looks so different and in a horrible way. I still have 6 more months to go but honestly the facial changes have me feeling very bad and make me wonder if getting braces was such a good idea.

Everyone that tried talking me out of it would probably rub it in my face if i admitted i was regretting it. Its just so much sometimes i feel trapped in my face. Which shouldn’t be the case. I really don’t like what my face looks like at the moment. I am hoping as the treatment goes by i get back my beautiful smile with a touch of straight teeth

I just wish someone had told me about the whole braces process changing the structure of my face. Maybe i would have been more prepared or at-least thought on harder about it. I just thought they’d straighten my teeth without affecting my overall facial appearance. I was so wrong.

I’m hoping my next braces update will be about how they straightened my teeth and mu face returned to its beautiful unique precious self. Or if i have to start living with a whole new face that I don’t like very much now.

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  1. Hahahaha… Such a fun post… Even I had braces when I was young…I can to get rid of two premolars from each side in upper jaw to get my teeth fixed. Thank god for the braces I’ve got such a beautiful smile. All the best to you!

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  2. I am so sorry this happened. I suppose the dentist cannot know what can change with such procedures. It sounds very distressing. My brother had a facial disfigurement when he grew a cyst on his lower cheek, it had to be removed and it scarred his face forever. However, he sees it as a huge disfigurement, and I see only his beautiful personality and the brother I have always known. He looks in the mirror and thinks of it as a huge alteration to his face, I have never noticed it. I hope this helps.

    This is a very honest and raw post. Our look is our identity, and it is brave of you to share this.

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    1. Thanks She, I’m hoping i adjust accordingly to the changes I’m facing 😊 and so sorry to hear about your brother .. i hope he can embrace the changes too. though its not easy, its very rewarding

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      1. Yes, it must be difficult to look in the mirror and feel like a different face looks back. I had a friend who had her face reconstructed, and afterwards, she was unrecognisable. It was a tough time.

        Kind wishes to you from across the digital abyss! 🙂

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