The Journey Partner


Such a funny and fun concept

It’s like having someone tell you their life story in real time, and you share in some of those memories. Quite fascinating actually. And all you can do is listen or marvel or sympathize, its such a privilege to know someone that intimately really

Its almost weird to think how you’d get to that level of intimacy where you know anything and everything about each other then reset to being strangers.

Even worse is having to start adjusting to learning about someone else’s life story and their intimate details.

But isn’t it glorious when you meet someone whose life just gets you all excited inside? You find this person and you love everything about them, down to their silliest habit. They continuously make you feel so much happier you’re in their life and them in yours.

And you keep watching their life story unravel right next to yours. Side by side. I love that. I love dating. Despite all the bad it comes with, its always worth the abundance of good especially with the right person.

Its just magnificent ❤️

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