She only gets fiercer from here

Have you ever sat down and thought of really creative ways of speaking to yourself? You know like starting a blog?


Well neither have I 👀

Its quite funny though coz blogging is sort of like speaking to yourself in a way, you know. You just writing and writing, you’re really enjoying what you’re writing and then you read it, you could literally read your own writing and realize some valuable information because in that moment its as though someone said exactly what you were thinking except its yourself just that its out of your head and on a paper or a screen. Like do you get what I’m tryna explain here? (Asking imaginary audience) 😅

But to be honest though, am i the only person who really enjoys talking to myself all the time? Because I’m just gonna be honest with myself. I love it. I’m like the most interesting person i know. And I’m extremely funny. No offence to all my amazing friends.

I dont have plenty of those now do i? 🤔

People always assume its because i am anti social, stuck up or have social anxiety but to tell you the truth i am very very social. And jumpy. Makes for a great outgoing person but also makes for a great self companion.

Blogging is such a lovely outlet for me. I can speak my mind without having to worry about this person seeing it or that person getting offended. Much worse that particular human in the corner whose judging my very existence via my blog content.

I don’t mind all that from total strangers i mean whats the worst you can do? Stare my post into oblivion?

yeah I’m scared now 😅

Anyways, as i was saying, i enjoy blogging without the sense of care about what people will think.

In real life, i might be perceived as a shy, reserved and extremely introverted person which is partly true but underneath that is a wildly adventurous lady in very sophisticated outfits

Its like the best of both worlds. I could write about how my day went vs what it actually looked like in mind. Everything’s funnier there.

Anyways again, hard to keep track of these thoughts, i am ready to explore what i have to offer myself and the world and maybe someday, break free and live the best of both worlds .. right after i figure out how to merge my two very opposite personalities

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