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Welcome to Personality Blogs

I have then thinking of starting this section to my blog for a very long time. One of my interests for as long as I can remember is having an insight into as many people as possible. It’s fascinating to see how we (humans) are so alike yet so different. Our way of thinking is so spread out and full of endless possibilities. I had tried having a few interview session with some people to get to know them a little better but it was a lot more time consuming. So I thought about it for a while and found a way to intertwine my love for writing and my fascination with personalities.

This part of my blog will be very simple. I will get to talk to atleast one person every week in detail and write a blog about their personality. The blog will mainly be centered around 4 questions and each will need for answers.

What you like about other people

This is simply to have an overview of how people see the good in world around them, and how much of it they see. It also emphasizes what intrigues them too about other people’s behavior and experiences.

What you like about yourself

Mainly this empowers self love. Many times we never really sit and think about ourselves as able enough people. We are so hard on ourselves and hardly speak positively to ourselves. This is simply to remind yourself (even for a few seconds) about all the good you possess.

What you don’t like in other people

This is to just help us realize the things we do not want from others and for ourselves towards others. As simple as this sounds, it’s important to know your dislikes as much as your likes.

What other people say they like about you

This is for us to just find all those compliments that people tell us and we somehow just don’t pay attention to. Sometimes hearing what others like about us is in its own way another way to know ourselves better. We spend so much time with ourselves and we are awfully comfortable and brutal about our relationship with ourselves. A view from afar is always good to have every now, an idea of what our personality and character looks like to other people. But only from the people who care for us and actually make a difference in our lives.

If you would like your own personality blog to make an appearance on here, just let me know. Better yet you could answer the 4 questions privately. It is surprisingly fun to actually sit and think about these minor things we brush off every single day in a little more detail.


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