Loner By Heart

Sometimes i wake up and just want to go somewhere.

I don’t know where but i just want to get out of my regular space.
So i randomly pick a place, get a ticket and leave. No time for second thoughts or rationalization. Just pack my essentials (forgetting most of them) and go.

And when i get to this place, I stand by the pavement and stare. Knowing i am alone, nobody knows me and nobody knows where I’m from. Nobody knows who i am and Nobody knows My location right now.
And it feels great.
I don’t know how to get around, everything is so new. The streets, the buildings, the air smells different ..


And i have to figure everything out from scratch.
And that first night away, as i lay quietly in a bed that is not my own, watching my favorite show for the gazillionth time, nibbling on snacks, stretching my legs all across as i get super comfortable ..
That feeling ..
Its extremely addictive
Problem is its only there for a while. You get up the next morning and you have to map out this new place, find your way around, know where certain locations are.

Then everything starts flowing smoothly and you get the hang of things, know where the food is, the subway, the bus routes n all
You finally get this sense of a little familiarity. Some kind of half n half comfort.

And then you have to leave
Because this isn’t your space. You are just visiting. Just passing by
Quite unfair isn’t it
The best moments in life tend to easily slip out of our fingers so swiftly ..

Preparing for 2018, i was planning on filling my year with memories of new places. Of lone adventures i want to conquer. But instead i will not plan. I will let 2018 be a year of utmost spontaneity and randomness.
Most of all of Love, Kindness, Peace and Joy.

Who I’m gonna turn out to be this year will be a product of all these and more.
And i will just be here to gather memories, lessons and wisdom from the universe.

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