Well, I’m baffled

Today someone found it in them to just speak their mind about what they think of me

”you’re a very difficult person tbh” they said

I was shocked!

Not only by what they had to say but by what ever made them think otherwise to begin with

I am not an easy person, never have been. Neither have I ever claimed being that

But thats probably a misconception. I’m tough, focus-oriented and know exactly what i want

I know I’m not easy, to comprehend especially

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a “if you can’t handle me” speech. I don’t need to be handled, just know I’m a little different

I don’t even blame them. Even i haven’t gotten to understanding myself


We all really are difficult in our own way

And to know this is to understand what it means.

Worse off I am extremely selective of the company i keep which literally makes the process of the people i keep around me that much more brutal.

I’m a natural empath and i feel so deeply. Which makes me very cautious of the energies i keep


In a world like this one, people live on draining others

Some come around with their “anybody can get a portion of me” vibe and  expect me to get into it but NO. Its not happening.

I keep my energy well reserved for meaningful connections and soulful interactions. I know not to waste my time or energy on pointless life endeavors that really don’t grow or benefit to my overrall  existence. This in our generation is considered difficult


The concept of not entertaining the time wasting pass time activities that society is constantly adding on to everyday, of caring where your energy is invested, who you share your energies with, what kind of vibes you are entertaining or putting out into the world, what kind of energy you’re picking up from the people you get involved with, caring about what you do to/about the environment around you or just overall being so focused on self growth and improvement is looked at as things not to concern ourselves about

When did the idea of life become so shallow? When did everything become a joke?


But non of this is really your concern, until we have to interact. To know it means you have a little first hand manual to what being around me will require of you

If you expect conversations about whats trending in fashion, I’m not your girl. Celebrity news (if it aint beyonce, not here) is more concern for celebrities not me.

Talk to me about the depth of your souls. Which is considered difficult by most people (And people wonder why i keep to myself and refuse to engage in most conversations)

Let me in on what runs through your mind after a long and exhausting day, thoughts before you go to bed. The thoughts that find their way into your mind even when you don’t want them there.

The memories that shook your entire universe and left you wanting more, those that left you so broken you couldn’t carry on


The ideas of a life, a business plan, a brand idea, an ideal life, best travel destinations

Please tell me your views on something and leave me wondering how I have lived and not imagined all these beautiful cosmos in your mind

With all this to talk about, how is it the most talked about thing is “whatchu upto?”

I am in search for depth and connection, but somehow I’m stuck in the wrong time frame (or planet, maybe)

What the hell is “wyd? Wya?”

Lets share knowledge and bless each others existence over and over


We all have our own conpilation of galaxies that make up our minds and make us unique n special

and if you let me, i am willing to journey through them till i am lost for words in marvel


On that note, please leave a comment answering a couple of questions

Do you believe in Love? And why?

To you, what is your idea of an ideal conversation (location and content)?

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