Honor Yourself Little One

You know i really hope the girl you end up with sees what i see in you

No like seriously i pray that the girl you end up with sees what i see in you because when i look at you, i don’t see an ordinary man.

I see a man whose determined, strong and, with the right motivation and focus, can be far more than he ever imagined.

You hurt me so many times when i did nothing to you. And still i have no bad to give you.

I just hope you live your life to show your lovely sister how a man should treat a woman

Don’t let her be out here moving like a F*girl cause you, her own brother, makes her see how cruel and selfish men can be.

Make your mother proud. Always and forever. Build a legacy in her name. She deserves the world and beyond. After all she’s the reason for your existence.

Value family, its the strongest and most loyal support team one can ever have, provided you do what you know is your duty.

Stop chasing these little black dresses. There’s enough kudies and diseases out there, don’t think you’re immune. Aim to live long enough to run around with your own kids children.

And when you meet this special girl, i pray you love the hell out of her. Make a thousand memories and laugh, laugh so much your ribs hurt. Laugh every chance you get. And kiss her all the time.

Tell her she’s beautiful and mean it. Be exclusive only to her. More importantly, respect her with every fiber in your body.

Make beautiful babies, half of you and half of the woman you love deeply. This can only deepen your love. Do not fall into the category of weak men. Know responsibility and own it proudly

And when you’re older, i hope you can sit with your loved one by a porch facing the ocean and talk of all your young and carefree adventures. Talking of all the changes and experiences you’ve shared over the years

And believe me, she will fall in love with you everyday just as i did.

I am grateful to have had the chance to love you since birth and i will continue to love you.

You, my love, will know how to love a woman in its most wonderful form.

Your Dedayah ❤️


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