Christmas ‘17

A piece ..


Understand that it is not my choice to not see the good in people

Understand that i have been preprogrammed by a series of events i can never undo

Understand that this is no excuse

The bad is always easier and clearer seen that the good

I have tried to reset and rearrange the way i view things

Realizing now that i could only accept this

Finding a way to cooperate with this

But I’m not new to this

Since i was under the age

I’ve been under the influence of suppressed rage


Passive aggressive being my only domain

And Every time i try to refrain

I find myself plunged deeper in pain

I’m stuck in this horrid frailty

Feeling the loss of my own self-loyalty

When did skepticism and cynicism take shelter in my beloved mind?

Causing me to go blind

And loose sympathy

For the imperfections of others

Where did i take the hope

That i held on to, to help me cope

With all the fear in me, trying not to elope

All the soulful plans i had evoked?

What manner of madness

To steadily speak of kindness

And the ways of mans blindness

Yet still master the arts of unforgiveness

And harden the heart to towards weakness


Are the two actually intertwined?

Kindness and forgiveness

I think of this deeply as i sit and try to unwind

Are we truly as humane as we were once designed?

Or did that fade away long into our selfish facade

Maybe some questions don’t have answers

And maybe those answers are the missing puzzle piece to my ponders


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