Fall of Hearts III

She’s been searching and looking for someone she could fly with for a while now

And finally she meets someone

Smart, funny, caring .. and really knows how to wear his belt

It looks good on him, belts generally tend to look good on him

They talk talk a lot

About anything ..

About cosmos and undiscovered galaxies ..

Infinite possibilities to the routes their conversations could take

” I like your eyes” he says

She doesn’t like her eyes very much but ever since he said that

They are given the most attention

Always decorated with some bright color or some pencil liner

She feels it

She’s ready to try the fall

She doesn’t care if she hits the ground again

They are going up the Fall of Hearts

Her hearts racing

She is excited, hopeful, struck

She’s already picked baby names Anne-Marie, Michelle and Joey

She holds his hand so tightly on the way up

She forgets to wonder how he is feeling about all this

They are at the top of the Fall of Hearts

They are standing there but he won’t move

He tells her he doesn’t want to fall

It was never his thing and for a second he thought, for her, he could try

But he knows his ways and won’t let himself hurt her

She’s confused

She’s begging and pleading for him to take the leap with her

She pushes him to the edge but he stands firm and does not fall off

She tries and tries

She accidentally slips off the building

She’s falling, helpless

Knowing what awaits at the bottom

She feels someone grab on to her hand mid air

He is singing her favourite song

He has her favourite flowers in his hands

He writes her tiny little love notes about how he feels

He pulls her close and they fall together in the bliss that they have always known and loved

They fall for a long time

But he cannot pretend to be the guy who falls and keeps falling for so long

He pulls her away from him suddenly and lets go of her hand

She hits the ground back first and feels the vibrations through her spine

She doesn’t know if he too crashed or found an escape

She doesn’t hold out hope for his rescue but she is too weak to pick herself up this time

All she can do is cry

Not because the fall hurt, not because he let go, not because she regrets it

Because she knew that regardless of how the falls would turn out

Or how deeply she felt for any of the other guys she tried falling with

She had only one rule:

The heart she ripped out and stashed on a deserted island that she could only visit every 5 years

Was to remain the heart that she ripped out and stashed on a deserted island that she could only visit after 5 years

But even though she hadn’t visit that deserted island in over 7years

She is starting to realize something that she is terrified of

She knows somehow she messed up and he has her heart ..

What happens now?

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