Fall of Hearts II


A few months later she meets a new guy
She’s not afraid as they make it up the stairs to the top of the Fall of hearts
She’s  actually excited
They stand on the edge
He looks at her and smiles
He doesn’t even count or hesitate
He just grabs her and jumps
(Narrative “A heads up would have been nice”)
They are falling
Winds blowing, every breath is sweet
Hairs blowing, hands held tightly
If at this point you haven’t figured, holding hands gives you the ability to fly
Means when you are ready to land
You land smoothly together
So they are falling
She feels his hand slipping
Looks at him
He smiles
And holds her hand again
Strange but irrelevant to the awesomeness of the fall
He lets go again
And this time a bit longer than the first time
Almost letting her crash into the ground
He holds her hand again
Now she is no longer at ease
She’s falling but she’s caution
He lets go again
And holds her hand
And lets go and holds her hand again
(Narrative “Bruhh 🤨”)
She feels the thrill of falling but is getting sick of the inconsistency
She tries to let go
He holds on tighter
She’s fighting to get out of his grip
He looks at her as if asking why she’s doing this
She looks at him “really? Its not obvious?”
She finally frees her hand
She forgot she’s in mid air
She crashes
She’s bruised but now she has a travel size first aid kit
She nurses her wounds and watches as he too crashes a little later
She wants to help
She still cares
She knows he has to do this alone to grow stronger in his own way



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