Fall of Hearts

And he says to her “hey lets jump off this building, do you trust me?”
she says “Well yeah, but what are we gonna land on?”
He says “ thats part of the thrill, just trust me”
“Ok” she says
And they walk up to this really tall building
Lets call this building the Fall of Hearts
They hold hands. “You ready?” He asks
“Yeah am ready” she says with a little fear in her voice
They count to three and jump
They are falling and it is exciting
She is having a great time even though she doesn’t see where she’s gonna land
She starts not to care
He suddenly lets go of her hand..
He pulls a string.
A parachute flys open.
She stares in shock as she continues to fall
Watching him float away from her
Suddenly she hits the ground
Pain everywhere
Shes hurting and can hardly move
She waits a while thinking he’d appear to help
He doesn’t show
He is gone and out of sight
She finds strength and picks herself up
She starts to heal
She’s back on her feet
Stronger and better

He suddenly reappears
He tries to justify the fact that he let her fall alone
Even though it was his idea to jump in the first place
She’s not having it
He begs and pleads
She is hesitant
He promises not to let her fall this time
She gives him a benefit of a doubt
They are up the Fall of Hearts once again
She trembles with fear
Remembering the pain of her fall
Hoping he understands how much pain
How her body ached once before
He turns around to prove he has no parachute
No escape plan or hidden tricks
She knows its a bad idea but
Trusting he won’t let it happen again
They count to three and jump
They start to fall again
Like always the fall, at first, is always bliss
She forgets she ever hit the ground
She feels his hands slipping
She’s not ready but she knows what’s about to happen
He grabs on to a rope
Where did this rope come from?
She watches as the helicopter he is hanging on to flies by
She tries to prepare for the fall
She fails
Hurts much worser than the first time
She’s trying to get up right away knowing he won’t help
He appears outa nowhere
Tries to help
Not realizing she didn’t need him then and certainly doesn’t need his help now
Promising that it won’t be the same as the last
She just has to trust him one more time
And take another jump
She realizes she’s been a fool
She’s not going to let herself walk down a path
When she already knows what lies at the end of it
She learns to accept that with some people its all promises and talk
Delivering on words and promises is a different task
She closes the door
She builds walls of lead and concrete
Most people want ride or die kinda love
but dont know how to deliver
They don’t even fully understand what it means to be there for someone against all odds
They just like the way it sounds
Talk is cheap

Tell me, what kind of world do we live in where it is ok to break others down for your own amusement?

#bringbackhumanity #bringbackconsideration #bringbackrespect #bringbackmorals #bringbackLove

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