Food for thought

So I’m casually scrolling through inspirational videos looking for something to kickstart my study session when I come across this lady having an interview. Am not one to listen to interviews but I just sit there not really paying attention.

And then she says ” No I don’t believe in people who say they can’t trust anyone or that they have trust issues” and I’m here thinking to myself “here we go, another person with an opinion ”

But then I continue to listen to what she has to say

“In a world where the only thing you can control is you and your behaviour, actions and responses to situation, I don’t believe you have to put your trust in another person. They are also doing their own thing and living their life how they would like. Now, whether or not their way of living is acceptable or conducive for you is a whole other story.”

Now this part is what really got to me

” You can’t put your trust in someone else because you have to put your trust in yourself. You have to trust yourself enough, more than enough actually. Trust yourself to make the right choices regarding the people you keep in your life, the jobs you choose, the battles you pick in life. Trust yourself enough to know that even if this other person does otherwise and betrays or disappoints you, you will still be fine. Trust that whatever path life takes you on you will be fine, that you are strong enough to handle it. Trust yourself so much that the situations and actions of others are insignificant. ”

And that really hit me hard. In a world where you can’t control the behaviours of other people towards you, you need to really trust in your abilities to overcome anything that comes your way in life.

It is part of self love 💕 ..

You must fill your cup of self love for yourself with so much love that it runs over and all that excess love can be spread and given to others. But when that love is used up, taken for granted or thrown away, you know your cup is still full of love. The love you give shouldn’t affect the love you have for yourself.

It was Quite an insightful and inspiring interview.

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