Friday morningS


Things that always happen on fridays. Sleep walking to class, getting super hungry half way through the lesson and setting a new best on how unbothered i can be.

Friday morning.

Its so cold, i can hardly feel my fingers. All the trees are yellow now. Wheres the snow? This time last year it was already snowing. Anyways whyy are my jeans sagging? I wore like 2 extra layers inside them.

I am going to the food stall when this breeze that smells like 2015 December hits me. And i am so taken back to all those beautiful memories. Instantly i wish i could remake the whole memory and relive it.

Now 2015 wasn’t a grand year and there’s been better and worser years. But the feeling just brings so much joy, it overwhelms me.
I stop for a second n realize, why would i want to relive a moment i have already lived! Sure it was great but am sure it wouldn’t be exactly as the last. That moment is good enough as it is. And quite frankly long gone.

So i refocus my energy to a new project; making new memories to reminisce on. Because in the end, we cannot live in our memories or be so stuck in the past that we don’t embrace the new n endless possibilities we are presented with.

So i am standing in the middle of the road as i get this epiphany of a new found spontaneity.

I am ready to embrace the endless possibilities and new memories one day at a time.



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