Its almost sad to know that people can define a whole person based on a single event in their lives Probably a minor scenario In the big picture Yet being so fearful and unwilling to explore the endless possibilities of ones existence

Loner By Heart

Sometimes i wake up and just want to go somewhere. I don’t know where but i just want to get out of my regular space. So i randomly pick a place, get a ticket and leave. No time for second thoughts or rationalization. Just pack my essentials (forgetting most of them) and go. And when... Continue Reading →

Beautiful People

Christmas is all about surrounding yourself with people that matter. And more importantly, giving. This is my gift to the people who matter this festive season.

Christmas ‘17

Christmas has always been a time of joy and excitement. Today i experienced the most uninterested, unexcited mood ever. And all i could do is wonder why

The Changes

I wish i could still tell you about all my little victories. Never quite got to telling you my lows so that doesn’t bother me as much. But you don't know how much i want to tell you about my wins It drives me insane sometimes when i have to catch myself in time when... Continue Reading →


Breathe ...... The sound of the wind The swift breeze of cold air hits my face My shoes are pinching, they are my size but I wore two pairs of socks today. Breathe ...... And then I will tell them about that 90's song I heard when I was on the bu ...... Stop! You... Continue Reading →


Hello fellow bloggers. I am grateful to DeeKay for nominating me for the most popular award on WordPress, LIEBSTER AWARD 2017. It’s a delightful realization when I see my peers appreciating my work by not just following or liking or commenting, but by also nominating me for such awards. A big shoutout to DeeKay and... Continue Reading →

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