Where It All Began

It was a warm day in the year 2010 when I first decided to write my first piece of anything. At this point I did not know if it was a song, a poem or just playful rhymes. And when I saw it, I was in love with writing because, to me, that was a masterpiece in the making. Of course that was quickly shattered when I decided to show all my other friends. They just couldn’t get it. They laughed and said it didn’t make sense. Loudest of them all was my best friend who was a born natural at writing. She was my inspiration. She had this large book she wrote stories in and somehow many of us were captivated by this story. She had the details down to a science. You could almost relive the moment while reading. She updated it every week and everyone waited patiently to read what would happen next to the love birds she wrote about.

I would see her write and try figure out how she did it but she made it look so simple. So I tried it and, needless to say that little piece I wrote was, well, far from a captivating love drama.

This very same silly piece really had so much meaning to me but no one seemed to get it and it was so frustrating. I will take this lime; I will take all the bad/bitter handed to me, and make a dime; and make it as valuable as I can, knowing it is not a crime; it doesn’t offend anyone if I make the best of what am handed. For you are fine; my life is ok as it is, But also mine; my life is my own and built by my choices, But things are falling out of line; things don’t always go my way, I don’t always have control of every situation I face.

After this piece, I tried over and over again to write but it just wasn’t working. Either I couldn’t write anything or I had the idea but couldn’t quite bring it out right.

It was after 6years of trying, when I had already given up the idea of writing that it finally struck. It was like someone just came into my ear and whispered the key to expressing my thoughts in words. I could write about anything and everything. Of course I am still learning and aiming to better myself but to see how far I have come in my writing abilities makes me feel some nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside. The best things in life really do take patience and true determination. Any art can be learnt if you are willing to put in the effort, patience and time. This was a well earned lesson.

Of course there’s those arts you just naturally find yourself good at but if you try something and it doesn’t work out, if you want it don’t give up. Take all the time you need and one day, it will just hit you like a wave and you will be amazed at your possibilities.

Now am just hoping that my painting skills also take the same turn at good fortune. Hopefully make it all the way to Picasso level 😄

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