If you are subscribed to my youtube channel you might have probably already seen the highlights of this trip. I decided to make a more detailed description of the trip.

We (my best friend and I) decided to travel to thailand for the chinese national holiday that lasts about a week. We had already pre booked everything before leaving(we did not use any travel agents, everything was self booked) and spent most of our time waiting to just travel.


We were planning to stay in thailand for a total of 5 days and we hoped to get everything we wanted to do done in that time.

First thing was finding tour guides because i wanted to see as many islands as possible in the time we’d be there and my travel buddy is more adventurer than sightseer. So we looked online for some tour companies (and believe me theres a lot). After speaking with enough tour agencies and not quite finding any flexible enough to create a tour package suitable for us, I decided to check tripadvisor for some tips and there was a recommendation for an agency called JC tours and it was well worth the recommendation 💯. They had the best prices and they let us tailor or trips with no extra costs. The total for all the tours came to roughly 10,000baht (1500RMB/person). The tours were full day tours and they had a meal inclusive.

Next was finding out what we needed for the visa. We checked the embassy website and got around to getting what we needed. The visa fee is 230RMB and foreigners can apply from either beijing or shanghai in China(i suggest beijing).

We had to book our round trip flights and accommodation to apply for the visa and the air ticket was about 3000RMB (this is double the normal price. We travelled during national holiday, sadly the prices were crazy elevated. Prices normally range from 1500-2500RMB).

We booked a hotel online using ctrip (i found the hotel using airbnb. this was a compromise because my airbnb had some issues with international purchases. Ctrip was slightly more expensive). The cost was about 200RMB a night.

Once we had everything we made a trip to beijing to apply for the visa. They only work during business days (mon-fri). They are open 9-11am for submitting and 2-4pm for collection.

Once that was done, we waited 3days (collection on third day) and our visas were ready. We had someone collect our passports and send them to our cities.

A week later we were ready to travel. I planned to spend 4days in beijing before my trip to Thailand but my passport went missing in the mail and i almost missed my flight but thats a story for another day.

I arrived in beijing a day before the trip and spent a night in beijing. The next day we got our bags and left for the airport. International flights have a policy stating that you must be 3hours early for all your flights so we took it a step further and arrived 5hours earlier (you know, to help clean the plane).

We got to the airport and waited for a couple of hours until two hours before. We looked for the check in and couldn’t find it. Turns out we were in the wrong terminal and we had to take a 20minute shuttle bus ride to the right terminal.

Our flights went really smoothly. Our destination in Thailand was specifically a town called Phuket. We arrived in phuket at about 3pm and it was beautiful.

I will forever call it the “untouched beauty”. The people there have really tried their best to keeep it as natural as possible and it is just breathtaking. The green stretches all through the city. Our tour agency threw in free airport pickup and return in our package for booking more than one tour. They also took us for a tiger show at the tiger kingdom and a t-shirt sale when we arrived at no extra cost.

We arrived at the hotel and it was beautiful. It had this decor theme that was a little futuristic and somewhat rustic.

We walked around to get a good view of the city and it was beautiful. The people are so kind and really very friendly.

We visited about 5 beaches. They look almost the same but they all have their own unique beauty.

The Racha Island 🌴

This was just breathtaking. It was the first island i saw in thailand and the feeling was just unexplainable. The tour guides were really very helpful. We snorkeled here for a really long time but it didn’t matter. The water was great and there was many different kinds of fish to see.

The second was Bamboo Island🌴

This is my favorite one. I call it “straight off a postcard”. It really does look like a place for all your postcard photos. It is beautiful and entirely untouched. Hardly any buildings and hardly anything going on. Just trees and white sand. The sand is so well preserved, we were requested to leave our shoes on the boat. And the feeling of sand in between your toes and the view of the clear blue water surrounded by large trees and a fresh breeze,lets just say its something.

The water was so clear, when snorkeling you could see rays of sunlight reflecting brightly under the water. The fish here are white-ish so its difficult to see them when snorkeling. I saw only maybe a couple dozen from a 30minute snorkel. There was also some weird white-ish looking bugs that bit me a couple times before i finally saw them. Very hard to see them since they blend so well with the water and sand. I bet theres plenty more creatures camouflaged around this island

Mosquito Island 🌴

Now i kid you not, this island deserves the name. I got bit so many times i can’t even begin to explain how annoying it was. The view however was beautiful and there was monkeys here. It was the sights that kept my mind off of all the scratching i was doing from mosquito bites.

Again this island was also untouched. It was all cave and trees. We went when the tide was high so the beach was entirely sunken. It was just a cave-like large rock and a little land.

Snorkeling here was super interesting. There was tonnes of different kinds of fish even though i didn’t get to snorkel very long for various reasons.

Phi-phi Island 🌴

This was another beautiful island. I saw some very strange and new fish swimming around the dock. We went to another place before phi phi island where we saw some monkeys playing around in trees.

Phi phi for me was alright. They had turned it into a business place and more of a party location that a scenery place. There was these boats that are so beautiful with different kinds of colors and designs. I think they called them long tail boats.

Phi phi is an island with two sides so we walked through the mini city and found ourselves on the other side where there was another view. The shore had an abundance of bars and party spots. The view stretching out into the ocean was beautiful though.

Patong beach 🏖

This is the beach we saw when we were going anywhere. The biggest party spot ever. Lots of bars and food places surrounding it. The palm trees are so nicely organized they make a great sunset shot. This beach is however so exposed to so many tourists its not per say a natural beauty but it definitely is worth the visit especially for the party animals because theres enough places to party at.

A few other beaches i got a glimpse of were Raya beach, Rawai beach and Surin beach. Surin beach must be really beautiful. I did not get to visit it up close but I only saw it from a mountain top when visiting the big Buddha ….

And well the view was spectacular. I look forward to coming back and getting some more islands and beaches ticked off my list.

A few other activities we did were elephant trekking. This was such an experience. We got to feed the elephants and after we saw the elephant show.

We also had some educational activities like learning how thai people make their rice (internationally known as the best rice worldwide).

We had a rubber making show, showed us how they made their rubber from some liquid from the bark of a tree.

We got to get the little flesh eating fish eat off dead skin from our feet and we saw some monkey tricks. We did a tonne of activities on our last day there (it was called the safari day tour). Oh did i forget canoeing 🛶. Hardest thing ever. Two people canoeing is not as easy as it looks. Definitely would need more practice.

All the tours we had, our lunch was provided. And most airbnb hotel booking throw in a free breakfast. And when we were on our last days tour we met many other tourists who complained about the food they had being bad coz they had stomach aches and what not. We were thankful our tour boats didn’t get some of that.

Our last activity was something called ATV. Dirt bike riding basically. It was so much fun. This took us to the top of the mountain where we got to see the big budha temple. It is still under construction 🔨 but it was already amazing.

The view of the city from up here is an awe of how amazing nature is. You can see the city and how the water stretches far into the océan. The view was (for me) somewhat a little message from the universe saying “there’s more to see out there”.

After this we packed our bags and went back to the airport and travelled back smoothly.

If you have any questions, want some recommendations or tips feel free to ask or contact me. Also i want to hear your experience in thailand and what you liked best about your trip.

Instagram: zaeks.k

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