Earlier this year I travelled to an island in the north of China. The entire trip was arranged by a travel agency run by foreigners in Beijing called Laowai (Foreigners in China). They organize trips every weekend from Beijing to many travel destinations within China.

This was my very first time using their services and I must say I was not disappointed. They were very organized,very friendly and helpful.

I do not reside in Beijing so I had to travel to Beijing a day before. I got a train ticket to Beijing on a Friday evening (train tickets cost roughly ¥100-¥300 depending on travel time) and arrived by Saturday early in the morning. I was traveling with my roommate Chess which made time fly by quick while we had waits during the trip (and they were plenty).

Our pick up stop was about 15mins away so we had enough time to get there by subway and arrived there before the Laowai people got there. By 8am, we were settled in the tour bus ready to continue our journey further north of China to the island. It took about 4-5 hours to get there and it was well worth the wait.

Now at this point I had been to two beaches in China already and some of them were not so appealing so when I was going to qinghuandao I didn’t have any high hopes. I was expecting an ok place. To my surprise when we got there and it wasn’t so bad.

The water was still some kind of blue and the sun made it even more radiant. There was of course a lot of trash along the banks in the first area I saw, but the view of the water and the lovely seagulls flying around had me captivated.

We arrived there earlier but there was some mixup with our tents I think so we had to wait a couple of hours for the organizers to have it sorted out. While we waited we were taken for a meal (Chinese food), some rice n boiled lamb strips in vegetables 🌶.

After the meal we were taken to the pier were we got on a boat to our camping site for the night.

hen we arrived on the other side we had enough time to explore and take photos and for those who were brave enough, they took a dive in the cold sea water.

At 5-6pm we were patiently waiting to pitch our tents and get ready for the night by the sea. This was a fun experience because I had no idea how to pitch a tent. But some of the fellow travelers helped figure things out (guess they did it a lot).

Now this was last spring and not so close to the summer days so by night fall it got very cold.

We had a mini meat braii and it was something. The meat was delicious but it was a diy setup and got a little crowded because of not enough little braii stands.

Later on I walked around and met the other travelers and also found some Chinese people that came together for this trip. They were playing some Chinese singing games and I joined it, it was really fun. I learnt a few new words and games. There were also sand hills around us and it was so beautiful.

It was almost as though we were in a desert. There was a bonfire party till 2am but I was too exhausted and went straight to bed.

In the morning I woke up really early, maybe at about 5am but it was well worth it. The wind was blowing hard and it was really cold but the sun was just starting to rise and it was beautiful.

I thought I would take a shower before we leave to another side of the island for camel riding and sand bikes but the showers were incredibly dirty! It was unimaginable. The toilets were much more sketchy to say the least. But a girl gats to shower.

We later met by the pier after handing back the tents and getting some quick breakfast,bread( there was seafood provided for those interested but we decided to get our own food). We then headed to the other island which was much cleaner and more organized than our camping site with way better toilets and shower rooms.

The desert kind view was spectacular and we took plenty pictures here and collected more sea shells. 😁

By 2pm we were leaving this place and heading back to Beijing. We stopped by a farm house restaurant and had some traditional Chinese food. It was edible to say the least and after we carried on to Beijing and 2 gas stops where we got some snacks and water. We arrived in Beijing at about 6pm and we decided to tour around Beijing a little more. We visited the famous Olympic stadium.

We then proceeded to visit the empirial palace. Another famous place because of its history. Am emperor of one of the dynasty in China had it built with 9000 rooms. It’s said that 9 is a lucky number in Chinese tradition. It is quite a wonder. However when we arrived and tried to take some photos, so many Chinese people crowded us asking to take pictures with us haha.

After that we rushed to get our train back to our city. It was a great trip overall. Learnt so much more about China and how to get around.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will response as soon as possible.

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