Travel Diaries

So I have been meaning to start a travel blog but somehow I haven’t been able to. I kept trying to decide whether it should be a blog or a vlog. However I keep misplacing my photos and videos every time I travel so I decided to keep it on blog level for now. In future travels I’ll be more careful with my footage and maybe I can do the vlog.

I recently started traveling around a lot and as a new traveler I thought I should share my experiences and review the places I go to. I am not a wild traveler (for now😜) but am definitely aiming to travel around the world and put my pin on all continents.

So as a new traveler I want to throw around a few tips for more people who want to travel but find it difficult or don’t know where to start. I personally find it so easy to plan trips and I really enjoy the experience. I can plan a two day trip in a few minutes before bed. When I started of course I spend hours spirally and panicking about the details but with time and repetition I got the hang of it (I think).

Tip #1

ghly recommend Airbnb for all your accommodation needs. I swear by this app. It always makes life so much easier when it comes to where to stay in different cities. It is very cost effective. It has the best rates and a wide range of options. You can get a hotel room or a family house or a private studio depending on your needs and you can get your home away from home feeling. If you want to splurge (highly unnecessary if you moving around a lot) you can get a beautiful penthouse in the city you travel to.

I will write a blog about my first Airbnb experience and pros and cons to using it just to give an insight of what to expect, how to use it and how it works.

Tip #2

You don’t have to break the bank to have an amazing travel life. Basically you can travel at-least 4 times a year if you save up right. I am a student so I first had to learn how to handle my coin💰 before I could learn to handle my travel budget. Generally there are so many options when it comes to travel. Always go for the one in your price range before you’re stuck with bills you can’t survive.

Tip #3

Always try to pack light. The first thing you should have in mind when you are traveling (especially to a new place) is that there’s a high possibility you might get lost. Besides that you will have to be on the move most of the time. Every time I travel I want to get the most out of a place in the least amount of time. I want to experience the culture and see all the great and monumental sites, I want to embrace the place in the little time I spend there and that is exhausting with so much to carry around especially if it is a country hopping back packer type of journey.

Only the essentials 😄

Tip #4

Always remember to carry your cameras and hard drives. Yes I said it, hard drives. Sometimes when you travel you don’t realize how many pictures you’ve taken until your space is completely full and it’s only been 7hours. If you are like myself and take pictures and videos of every waking moment of your travel experiences then definitely be prepared. Carry your cameras,selfie sticks,tripod stands, waterproof bags(underwater photography) and hard drives. I am actually one of those people who believes in living in the experience rather than spending a lot of time taking selfies and what not. However I like to have photos of the scenery and places I visit. So when I feel a little nostalgic I look at the pictures and relive the experience. It’s always a great way to reminisce. C’mon y’all know a little visual aid never hurt nobody. 😏

Tip #5

Always do background checks of the places you want to visit, check reviews of the places you want to stay in and always check important information before hand e.g flight policies, country entry rules and so on. Better to be over informed than uninformed. Never give your personal information to anyone online for anything without reading the privacy disclaimer. Always check rates and prices and try to compare them before purchase just so you are sure you are getting the best price AND the best quality.

I also recommend visiting TripAdvisor. There’s some good articles written by other travelers about what you need to know and a few key pointers of the do’s and dont’s. They also give advice on the best places to see in a particular city and what places are a total waste of time. They suggest the best rates of some travel services according to their experience, the service qualities of the services they used when they travelled e.t.c. Always helps you know what you need to avoid and what you are more comfortable with in comparison to another travelers opinion.

Lastly always remember to soak in all the experiences you get from travel. Good or bad experiences, they always make great memories. Your goal is to have the least (if possible non) regrets on how you spend your money. The last thing you want is to get scammed. Always remember to TRAVEL SMART.

We don’t need no frauds *Nicki Minaj Voice*

I will try blog about all my past trip and travel experiences most of which happened in Asia and I will continue to blog through my future travel experiences. It will be a visual review of the how’s and what’s of getting to and around the places as well as the best and worst moments of visiting these places.Also might do it hand in hand with a Vlog soon.

Watch this space.


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