Orion’s Belt

When I was younger I had an obsession with a certain cartoon called Hercules. I still don’t really understand what I loved about it. The whole Greek gods setup was fascinating to me then and even more so now. Maybe it was the mythology or the love aspect of it all but I was in... Continue Reading →

Travel Diaries

So I have been meaning to start a travel blog but somehow I haven’t been able to. I kept trying to decide whether it should be a blog or a vlog. However I keep misplacing my photos and videos every time I travel so I decided to keep it on blog level for now. In... Continue Reading →

Monday Afternoon

I am walking through the streets of my school... It’s a beautiful Monday afternoon... For some unknown reason I keep finding reasons to be happy... And honestly I have no reason not to be... But somehow life makes us so focus on the minor things that don’t seem to be going right(or going our way).... Continue Reading →


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