You'll get through this too.

Are you thick? Is your brain rotten? Or did you just sell your entire IQ for a snicker bar?
You stressing over some stupid issues that are no good
Look at this as a blessings. You have to now focus on you without anyone stopping your shine. Don’t even bother stressing about irrelevant activities. They just gonna darken your soul.

Focus on you girl

Fire your passions

You had a good year. And life is always steady flipping. This a bad month. Don’t stress it. You gat this girl. Ain’t like you ain’t been plotting on the low. Just remember, yes you made good memories but the people you thought you knew don’t exist and are still horrible. Let them cleanse their souls and take their nasty vibes else where. Leave the past in the past

Lesson of this, leave the past in the past, people don’t change. Move forward.


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