Pensive šŸ¤”

My mother, a very strong woman, taught me that “if you clean a place theres no way everything can be exactly as it was before you cleaned it up. The change shows how clean it has become. If it hasn’t changed, its not clean”
I did not understand when she said it at the time but the older i get am starting to understand that it applies to so many aspects of life.
If i decide to change an aspect of my life i definitely do not expect to stay the same. The change should reflect its impact on me in a way.
Also applies to others, if someone of importance in my life decides to redirect their life, i should be there to be their mirror and help em realize their change or show them when theres no improvement. Truly everyone should always aspire to evolve as much as possible. Staying the same indicates lack of growth in ones life journey.
And as we evolve we should be able to see the change in ourselves and also be aware of the response of the environment to said change.
(Just a sleepless mind putting minor pieces together)

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