To my Daughter

I am only a couple years old
But heres what i have been told
Life is certainly not plated with gold

I am only a couple years old but i can assure you
Life will sometimes crumble like a boulder
And in those moments remember you’re strong enough to withstand the pressure

You wont love everything about yourself, heck we all don’t
You’ll look in the mirror everyday and see a 100 things you’d wish to change
Honestly i dont know what to do about it either
But always remember your flaws are your perfect imperfections
They set you apart from everyone else in the world
And they make you, you
Always look at yourself and notice the things you love about yourself instead of the things you dont

Remember never to curve at every boys sweet n misguided words
Remember you are a woman of substance and you should never have to lower yourself for the liking of a man
Not every man who smiles at you deserves a welcoming hand. Remember to keep boundaries

And when you meet someone special, always make great memories coz in the end memories are all that matter
I pray i have embed God deep in your soul that you look for him in everything you do in life

I hope me and your father show you what love should be like in the things we do

I hope your father is there to show you how a woman should be treated
And if not, i will

I know we wont agree on alot of things but i hope you can get the knowledge from the things i say

Always remember that i love you and always will.

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