Pensive 🤔

My mother, a very strong woman, taught me that "if you clean a place theres no way everything can be exactly as it was before you cleaned it up. The change shows how clean it has become. If it hasn't changed, its not clean" I did not understand when she said it at the time... Continue Reading →

To my Daughter

I am only a couple years old But heres what i have been told Life is certainly not plated with gold I am only a couple years old but i can assure you Life will sometimes crumble like a boulder And in those moments remember you're strong enough to withstand the pressure You wont love... Continue Reading →

You know?

Its like synchronicity. Simple but yet so complex in its simplicity. Like having a cheat code to a room sized puzzle. Its there and you cant deny it. You feel it, you see it and sometimes its almost unreal. Adding color to all so dull moments and brightening already beautiful events What is the word... Continue Reading →


The blues Today i am feeling blue and that made me realise something such a lovely color ; blue why is it used to indicate a sense of confused emotions? Why cant feeling blue be a sense of calm but satisfying bliss? All blue things are just beautiful. The sea ,🌊 the sky on a... Continue Reading →

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