I recently read an article about how as humans we tend to self sabotage our lives when things go great for us for a while. The explanation is pretty clear; we get used to certain levels of comfort, love, happiness and the like and tend to stay in that comfort zone. But of course all great things happen out of the comfort zone.

My point is i realized i was a victim of this self sabotage. Over the years i have gotten used to a certain level of comfort. i am not very social and it has worked very well for me in the past but i am starting to realize that this little ball of isolation is supposed to grow off of me. Don’t get me wrong i have been an introvert all my life and it has been great but if i said it doesn’t get lonely from time to time it would be a lie. i have like a total of about 7 friends but when all are busy that shit can get tricky. i feel as though i am not evolving but even worse i feel like i have lost my social skills and ability to make friends with ease or connect with people. Every time i get a chance to socialize I automatically become quiet and isolated which is odd because am a very loud person.

Do y’all think its a good thing that this self sabotage exists and keeps us in our comfort zones or is it just as the name states ‘self sabotage’ and blocks alot of peoples creativity?

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