Random Tales

If you’ve seen the movie “a monsters call” you already know of this tale. However it is a great tale and i would want to get as many opinions on the subject.

Once lived a king, a queen and their 3sons in their castle, quite happy and peaceful for a very long time. But of course when things go great for a while we often forget that life doesnt work that way.

A time came when the kingdom was under attack and the kings sons 👑 had to fight in a war against invaded their peace. Sadly the king lost all hes 3 sons to the war. It was a tough and troubling time for the king and queen. The queen distressed and depressed by the thought of losing all her children fell to a sudden death.

The king was filled with grief and sorrow and spent many of hes days in thought. One of he’s sons had a young child, he’s grandson. With everything going on, the grandson was all the king had for company and kept him out of hes thoughts.

The grandson was raised as a prince and was to take the thrown after the king dies. He grew to be strong and wise in hes acts. The king was well pleased in him. He had also fallen in love with a beautiful free spirited young lady who was not of royal decent. She was the daughter of a humble farmer but the kingdom smiled upon the match.

At this point the king had decided to take a second wife. She was known to be a witch who dealt in black magic. A few months after she wed the king, he has fallen ill and he was believed to have been killed by the queen. He died shortly after. She took the crown and became queen of the kingdom

She was an ambitious woman  and wanted the thrown to herself for as long as  possible. She plotted to marry the young prince, as he was the  next heir, so she becomes queen during hes reign.

The prince could not have this as he’s heart belonged to the farm girl. He decided to ran off with her and escape the evil plans of the queen.

They came to a big oak tree and decided to spend the night there. The next morning the prince woke next to hes beloved who he could not awaken and then noticed the blood on her and realised she had been killed.

The villagers were very displeased with the queens actions and decided to attack her. The queen found a way to escape the wrath of the villagers and was never seen ever since.

Please share your views on the story.

I will continue the rest of the story tomorrow and fill in the missing puzzle pieces of the tale.

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