On a winters day

January 23rd.

The winter keeps getting colder and i am casually trying to notice everything going on around me today. I snuggle on the couch with Babe trying to capture every aspect of this memory. I hear music play from the kitchen, hes roommate has a visitor and they are laughing together as they make some hot beverages. Bliss. 

The music and laughter make it difficult to focus on my thoughts but it will have to do for now. I stare at the television every now and then just to be present and aware of my surroundings. Theres a basketball match going on. I hardly know much about basketball but its covering up the idea of awkward silences. 

Thinking of the strangest and most random scenarios in my head as I drift away from my current location. The beach, outer space, island outfits, dragons, a journey to find dinosaurs, singing in a room made entirely of mirror walls.. You know, normal people thoughts

I am forced out of my thoughts by a question from our visitor “coffee or tea?”

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