Jan 29th 12:46 i wake up to a new day. Deep within me i feel angry, but why? I turn and see the person next to me facing the other direction. I get up to walk around and look in the mirror as though i do not recall what i always look like when i... Continue Reading →


I recently read an article about how as humans we tend to self sabotage our lives when things go great for us for a while. The explanation is pretty clear; we get used to certain levels of comfort, love, happiness and the like and tend to stay in that comfort zone. But of course all... Continue Reading →

Random Tales

If you've seen the movie "a monsters call" you already know of this tale. However it is a great tale and i would want to get as many opinions on the subject. Once lived a king, a queen and their 3sons in their castle, quite happy and peaceful for a very long time. But of... Continue Reading →

On a winters day

January 23rd. The winter keeps getting colder and i am casually trying to notice everything going on around me today. I snuggle on the couch with Babe trying to capture every aspect of this memory. I hear music play from the kitchen, hes roommate has a visitor and they are laughing together as they make... Continue Reading →


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